Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poop, Sh*t

Went to eat lunch outside with Laura. Found a nice little bench under a tree, in the shade. Ate, chatted, started reading our books. And then I heard/felt a "plop"....what was that!?

A bird pooped on me!!!! I wiped "it" off with a napkin soaked in some water. It was only a little poop. And I thought that surely a bird would not poop on the same person twice, right?

Wrong! A few minutes later: sh*t! Even a bigger "plop"...I had to take my shirt off and put on a cardigan. I'm amazed I did not gag right then and there.

Maybe it's good luck?


BlueToYou said...

dude, that must be good luck....or really bad luck...maybe you should buy a rabbits foot just in case...

Emily said...

I read somewhere that this is good luck, but it's painful, isn't it? I think it only happened to me twice in my life - two times too many.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was always told that it was good luck when that happened. ;-)