Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Que Paso?

After eating out for lunch with Wendy and Amy, and then consuming quite a bit of bacon for dinner, I decided it was time to return to the gym. I haven't been at the gym in more than two months....oh the horror!

Of course, I also had an ulterior motive: Project Runway was on, and it's a great motivator to stay on an elliptical for almost an hour. I'm actually quite pleased with how well I did, despite the fact that the only other people at the gym were these super fit girls...maybe one day I'll be them.

I then came home, ate a watermelon and watched 13 mini episodes of Imaginary Bitches on Youtube. Jenn recommended I watch this show, and it was rather hilarious: give it a try :)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Imaginary Bitches. Interesting title.

Paz said...

I need a machine at home that I can do in front of the tv. Great incentive, great idea! Oh, and great blog! This was my first visit!