Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crafts: basic jewelry skills

Remember the black beaded necklace I bought at Ann Taylor a few months ago? I cut 2 of the strands off and have been wearing one strand quite a bit. I wanted to put clasps on the other strand, but was told it would cost me $48! No way!

Instead I decided to take a class at Beadazled. It started at 9 am today in the morning, and it was so worth it!
Out of the two strands I made a necklace (to layer with the original one), one bracelet and two sets of earrings (the ones with just one ball I could put on the leaver backs I have from QVC). This is just a beginning :) I'll have to look through my jewelry box and see what I can use to make new jewelry.

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Valeria said...

Are you going to post any pictures of what you did in the class?